Line By Moi's mission is to plant trees, clean up parks, and sell eco-friendly products to push the initiative of a wholesome and environmentally sustainable lifestyle. We are here to build a family and community that gives back. 

We will fund non-profits and charities to continue their efforts of planting trees. L by M's plan is to give 20% of net profit at the end of every year.

We believe in transparency by keeping people updated on the line, how much profit is made, and how much will be donated towards a charity. 

COVID-19 Changes

Due to the pandemic, we cannot deliver as quickly as we'd like. If you have bought a shirt, it may take up to 6 weeks. We hope in the coming weeks, delivery may pick up. If you bought other items such as a cutlery set, it may take up to a week or two. 

Plant a Tree

For the launch season of Line By Moi, we are donating 20% of our net profit to One Tree Planted.

Every dollar is a tree planted. For every shirt, you will be planting 2 trees :)

Where do the shirts come from?

All our items will be drop-shipped by Printful which means that there is no inventory, only Print-On-Demand. When you order, that is when the item is created. Therefore, no surplus product will go to waste and our ecological footprint will decrease, together. 

In addition, our shirts are all from the Bella + Canvas collection. Bella + Canvas is a solar-powered factory based in LA that uses 7x less water than the average manufacturer. They also produce little to no landfill by recycling and up-cycling. 

Team's Letter

Hey everyone! 

We just want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and to see what we're all about. Line By Moi is here to help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We are not perfect! We are trying to live that life as well. It's a process we enjoy and we want you to join us on the journey as well. 

We envisioned the brand after being overwhelmed by a lot of issues that continuously disregard our livelihood and our planet, leaving us feeling distraught yet hopeful. We executed this brand with a lot of goals in mind along with a big desire to give back to the world for what it has given us. 

Beyond selling our items, we are looking for community and a family of people who are willing to work towards giving back, whether it's sharing our photos, buying our tees, and/or attending clean ups. Your support is the driver of the brand. You're who we want to represent and who we hope to befriend. We hope to see your support! 

Love, Team at Line By Moi