10 Easy Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly doesn't have to be difficult. You don't need to start a worldwide movement to be eco-friendly. It starts at home. Creating simple habits can make all the difference. Here are some easy ways to an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Try being a vegetarian

The vegetarian lifestyle isn’t for everyone but it’s one of the most effective ways of battling climate change. A vegetable diet consists of 2.5x less carbon emissions than a regular meat diet. Consuming a vegetarian diet for one year can save as much emissions as a family car on the road for six months. As challenging as it seems, there are a lot of meat substitutes nowadays. Try being a vegetarian one week at a time.

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Recycle correctly

From signs to color-coded waste bins, we've always promoted recycling trash. We’re taught that plastic and paper are recyclable so many of us throw everything plastic/paper into the recycling bin. Did you know that there are actually many rules to recycling? Click here to learn more.    

Tote bags over plastic bags

Instead of putting your groceries in a new plastic bag each trip to the store, carry a tote bag with you! Many kinds of plastic aren’t biodegradable. Once they’re out in the environment, they’re there to stay. Check out this reusable cotton shopper from Line By Moi here. They give off major cottagecore vibes!

100% Cotton Shopping Bag | Reusable Shopping Tote Bag | Beysis

Invest in quality pieces

Invest in high-quality pieces that are built to last. They might be a little pricier but you’ll get more use out of them and reduce waste. Avoid purchasing items made for one-time use. They tend to pile up in landfills. 

Donate/sell instead

Maybe you bought a brand new shirt and it shrunk in the dryer. Maybe you just don’t like the color of those jeans. Think twice about throwing something out. If you can, donate to your local Goodwill. Think about reselling over second-hand apps such as Poshmark, Depop, or thredUP. 

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Make a grocery list

The average American throws out $2,798 worth of food every year. Reduce food waste while saving money by making a list before you shop. 

Don’t give in to trends

From sweater vests to zebra pants, the Internet is full of trends that easily fade. As an alternative, opt for basic pieces from sustainable businesses that you’ll wear all year round. A white t-shirt beats a pink sweater vest any day of the week.  

A reusable water bottle comes in handy

Carry around a reusable bottle instead of purchasing a plastic water bottle. Plastic water bottles are not degradable. In fact, they take a whopping 1,000 years to deteriorate, polluting our water and soil. Check out these water bottles from our shop here!

Support your local farmer's market

Farmer markets sustainably deliver quality food to the public. Unlike regular farming, the soil isn’t polluted with pesticides or chemicals, creating a fresher blend of vegetables. Meat is also ethically produced from free-roaming, healthy livestock. 

Clean up your local beach

You’ll be surprised at how much trash litters your local beaches. Organize a fun clean-up crew with family and friends so that everyone can enjoy a trash-free beach. Multiple organizations also hold local beach clean ups led by volunteers. You can easily sign up online!

Bali, Indonesia beach pollution – Storied Hotels

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