About Us

Our Mission

Our mission has always been: Make Giving Back Your Second Nature.

Line By Moí is an eco-retailer of lifestyle brands. We aim to reconnect people with nature, through mindfulness, mediation, and minimalism. We believe that the power of environmentalism lies in its intersectionality. Each collection of ours donates 10% to a different organization, so let's stand together and give back.

What does Line By Moi mean? 

Line By Moi means "Line By Me". Moi is French for "me." It essentially means a shop's line of items created by me. However, the story behind it is more than the team. It's about putting power into the consumers' hands indirectly. When they buy one of our products, they know that their every purchase will leave an impact on our planet. #boughtbymoi

Meet the Team 

asian girl in black and white wearing a dress

Annie Law - Founder 

My parents immigrated from Malaysia with little to nothing. I remember living in a small apartment in Chinatown, NYC with a family of six. We endured the roughest times together but my parents made sure we were happy even with little. One of the lessons I would get on a repeat is to "Help others. Give back." That became the basis for the beginnings of this brand.

When I was young, I saw a video of trees being excessively chopped down and torn for their resources. Since then, I made it my goal to plant one million trees. Naive as that sounds, I wrote it down as a yearly goal every year to make sure I remember. Although that day has yet to come, this brand and its mission come close.

This brand is about nature, the community, and how they impact one another. We want to serve the community by bringing the community together to serve the environment. It's the synergy between us and nature that is prevalent now. But we can't do it alone.

man in black shirt smiling at camera

Marc Estrada - Marketing Director

Growing up in New York, such a densely populated and diverse city, it’s easy to see how much everyone’s lives connect in unique ways. With little to nothing to our names, my family struggled to make things work. This struggle helped foster the person I am today.

As someone who has faced much adversity throughout life, I’ve come to terms with the fact that, rather than holding a grudge, it’s best to stick with your morals. Because of this, I find it fulfilling to give back and make an impact on others’ lives. By joining this inspiring brand, I know I can continue to contribute to the community and make a difference in this world.