How long does it take to get my items? 

All items will take 2-5 business days to ship! Pick First Class package when you choose shipping for fastest. We spent a lot of time to ensure that our shipping will go a lot smoother after our latest relaunch. 

Is it Plastic-Free packaging? 

Yes! We took a lot of time to get here as we were not always plastic-free. Before, we were dealing with factories that pre-packaged everything. We now ship everything in compostable mailers and recyclable materials like cardboard/paper. Thank you for being patient with us as we got to this point! :) 

When do you guys donate to the organizations? 

We are aiming to donate at the end of each quarter. If we made more sales than normal, we will start donating at the end of every month. Before our relaunch, we donated at the end of two months, and all of them are documented under our donations page.