How long does it take to get my items? 

If you ordered one of the tees, they would take 7-10 days to ship. Some may take longer depending on what and how much you ordered.

If you ordered one of the eco-friendly products then the item may come within 7-15 days. It will be shipped and fulfilled by a company in China so it would take longer if need be.

Where and who makes the tees?

The tees are all created by Bella + Canvas. They are a brand we love as their factories use 7x less water than other factories, are solar-powered, and they are USA-strong!

Their transparency is what we appreciate and that's why we decided to create our tees using theirs.

They have three fulfillment centers which are why some shirts you buy may come from either two different states.

What are the tees made of?

The tees are 100% cotton and they're super soft. We understand that they are not 100% sustainable. Cotton is still a commodity that takes up a lot of water and can contribute to a lot of fabric waste. However, we want to stress that these shirts will last you a while and the factory it came from uses 7x less water. 20% of its profits will also go towards a nonprofit while funding our company's Clean-Up Initiative! 

Is it Plastic-Free packaging? 

We are working on making the packaging all plastic-free. Currently, they aren't. However, we are starting an NYC only initiative where we hand deliver all items to everyone to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions.