Our Story On Giving 

Line By Moi believes in the power of giving. Our mission has and always will be Make Giving Back Your Second Nature. With every purchase you make here, we are donating 10% every month to one of the organizations listed. 

  • Water Mission to provide clean water to places that need it. 
  • One Tree Planted to plant multiple trees to battle deforestation.
  • Black Lives Matter to battle racial injustice and racism.
  • Mental Health America to help increase the betterment of mental health overall.
  • UNICEF to help children all around the world.

Prior to our relaunch, we donated 20% of our profits to One Tree Planted with a focus on trees and their purpose in battling climate change. During the pandemic, we struggled financially but we never stopped giving back. In that time of struggle, we spent time being introspective about our brand and how to best help others while helping ourselves. We now give back 10%. Although less, the point of donating to more and different organizations is to introduce the power of intersectional environmentalism. 

Sustainability does not stop at trees, and while we did focus on it for a while, we realized it's not enough. We want to value the planet as a whole from the habitats destroyed to the livelihood of decent human beings. 

We hope you can understand and appreciate our journey thus far. We will never stop giving, and we hope you continue giving as well, with or without purchasing a product from us. 

Past Givings

This is a list of where we have donated so far since Summer of 2019, when the company was founded. 

  • Australian Red Cross for the Australian fires - donated 30$
  • One Tree Planted - donated 100$
  • Mental Health America - donated 20$
  • Water Mission - donated 20$
  • The Black Lives Matter Organization and Innocence Project - donated 40$ to each
    • We created a BLM tee in order to perpetuate the movement.